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The Changing Realities of The Consequences of Driving While Intoxicated


There’s a new idea in nightlife these days, and it’s all about ride sharing and taking limos instead of drinking and driving. It’s frankly amazing that this idea has taken so long to really manifest, but the reality is that today more and more people are choosing to take limos like an airport car service Miami or Los Angeles or New York, rather than take the risk of getting in a car after a night of clubbing and drinking.

A Shift in Transportation and Values

The currently popularity of Uber and Lyft (along with more upscale limo services) has presented a big change in the way people go out socially. In cities that lack adequate public transportation, like Los Angeles, ride share companies have made a big impact in the way people get around, and it’s had an especially big impact in reducing the instances of drunk driving. This is good news to be sure, as drinking and driving are two activities that definitely do not mix.

Another part of the change that’s taken place is in the laws regarding drunk driving. In the past few years the laws regarding the legal blood alcohol limit have become more strict, in a move to fight the incidence of drunk driving in the US. With today’s new limits, it’s very legally (and morally) risky for anyone to get into a car after having even just a few sips of alcohol. The fact is that alcohol use impairs the ability to drive significantly, and the way the legal system has responded to this reality is a blessing.

In some Nordic countries, driving after having any alcohol whatsoever is punished severely, and the result is that no one in those countries drives after attending a party or going to a bar. The US finally seems to be following that lead, which is really good news for the safety and welfare of everyone.