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The Changes of Energy Use in our World


Energy, in essence, is the force that keeps things moving. Whether the application is commercial, industrial or for military use, the fact is that using energy effectively is how things happen in our world. All of this is why companies that are able to harness and measure energy, through tools like gauges, monitors or even a power splitter combiner, are the ones that will last.

How Energy Has Transformed Us

It’s amazing to think about how quickly the use of energy has evolved in the modern era. Thomas Edison transformed out culture when he first was able to harness electricity for practical use (like for the modern light bulb) at the turn of the last century. There’s no doubt that the developments of Edison truly changed the way people live on a daily basis. Once electricity became available to people in their homes and in they places of work, our culture changed even more rapidly.

Suddenly people were able to work in the evenings and to stay up and study, read, have conversations or listen to music on a record player. All of this, along with the development of the modern telephone and then the phenomenon of television, changed our world in ways we are still trying to comprehend.

These changes were a catalyst for other greater changes that soon came along, like the interconnectedness of people through more rapid communication. Then, building on all of this was the development of the personal computer, which began to be part of people’s daily lives in the 1990s.

On top of all this came the Internet, which began to affect how we worked and communicated first via email and then through the web, in the 1990s. All of this was followed by the introduction of the personal Smartphone, which takes us to the very high speed era we currently find ourselves in.

The rate of all this change and how it has impacted us is amazing, but the big question is, what will come next?