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Computer Security Measures

10 Easy Computer Security Measures for Users

No matter how effective or expensive the security tools that protect your network are, there is no way to predict the damage caused by a single careless user. The war against...
Back Up Your Important Data For Free

How to Back Up Your Important Data For Free

It's surprising how few people take seriously the simple act of backing up their data. The reasons for this are many. Maybe they think that their laptop will never break, that...
remove spyware from PC or laptop

How to remove spyware from PC or laptop

We are living through the death of privacy, a time when our data is harvested and shared by multiple third parties in order to market to us more successfully. And that's...
Google Home app

How to set up Google Home Parental Controls: Downtime, Content Filters

When you're making products people are going to enjoy using more and more frequently, you also have a duty to ensure they're not using them more than they should. And that's...

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