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Some Effective ADD-Friendly Strategies to Start & Maintain a Regular Exercise Regimen


ADHD is supposed to be a neurobiological disorder which makes it really difficult for patients to pay attention or even control their behavior. Attention deficit disorder is generally diagnosed in early childhood and more often than not, continues very much into adulthood.

As per http://www.douglas.qc.ca, “All of us occasionally struggle to focus, sit still, or restrain our impulses. However, people with Attention Deficit Disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADHD) wrestle with them every day. ADHD can cripple self-esteem, and a person’s ability to function in family, social work, and school situations.”

However, with regular exercise, improved treatments, and enhanced education, more patients are getting the necessary relief from ADD or ADHD symptoms. Here are some effective fitness strategies that may prove to be useful and effective for people afflicted with attention deficit disorder.

Make Your Exercise Regimen a Win-Win Game

Numerous patients with ADD/ ADHD set unrealistic exercise objectives or goals that are difficult to achieve initially. Unknowingly they are setting the stage for disappointment and failure. If you decide to perform the workouts for 30 minutes on the first day itself and then end up doing only 15 minutes, you would be feeling disappointed and discouraged so you instinctively skip your next workout regimen.

You may consider trying out a better idea instead. You must determine the minimum amount of time you wish to dedicate to your workout session or the minimum amount of workouts or exercise you actually find acceptable and doable. For instance, you are happy with just 15 minutes on two occasions every week. Then it is best to accordingly set easy and achievable goals so that you could reach the goals and your spirit is high. You would feel encouraged and motivated to stick religiously to your workout regimen. However, do not forget to increase your maximum and minimum exercise goals periodically.

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Remember Holding Yourself Accountable Is Good for You

If you had decided that you would be working out before the day ends, you have to find an opportunity to do your exercises irrespective of the time of the day. Suppose it is too late to step out or go to the gym, you may do some indoor jogging, push-ups, or jumping jacks etc. Your goal must be to achieve the target you have set in your mind for the day.

Keep Tracking Your Workouts

You must take out a calendar and hang it in your room in front of your eyes. Keep marking ‘X’ specifically on the days you have managed to fulfill your daily exercise goals. Keep tracking your exercises but remember to keep things simple. There is absolutely no need to put in details such as laps, reps, workout time, heart rate, etc. Just mark the days you have been successful in performing your workout regimen. Once every month, you may consider reviewing the things you have accomplished to get an idea of your overall progress.

Write a Letter Addressed To You

Numerous adult people suffering from ADHD start a workout regimen with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm but they fail to retain the interest within just a few weeks. If you are someone like that, it is best to write a letter of motivation and encouragement. Hand over the letter to your best friend and ask her to give it to you when she observes that you are losing interest and your enthusiasm is going down.


Always schedule backup exercises and be flexible about the choice of workouts. Many attention deficit patients simply hate structure. It is best to be flexible by scheduling effectively not one but some more workouts during the whole day. Moreover, it would be difficult to achieve your fitness goals if your mind is constantly telling you to quit or skip today’s exercise session. Start ignoring your “inner saboteur.” In case of attention deficit patients, they hear such a voice constantly. You must not listen to it and be determined to forge forward despite obstacles.

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