Snap is reportedly ready to release a new version of its wearable Spectacles, according to the new file submitted by the company to the FCC to obtain approval for a video camera device that can be worn, which is highly likely to be the second generation of sunglasses that includes a webcam.

The published documents describe a “wearable video camera” manufactured by Snape with the brand “Spectacles” and a reference to the second model “Model 002” printed on the packing label, although most of the documents accompanying the filing are hidden under the request for confidentiality, Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi 802.11ac to transfer files faster.

The company launched its first generation of Snap Sunglasses, a camera sunglasses, in 2016 with a very successful marketing campaign resulting in long queues and a gray market where sellers can claim a price much higher than the official price of $ 130. The fuss disappeared as the company talked about losing nearly $ 40 million due to unsold inventory.

The new confirmation comes a long time after a number of reports indicate that Snape is planning to launch the second and third generation of its peers through a 2018 version, including performance improvements and bug fixes, and a 2019 version, so that the third version may include two cameras With a global positioning system with a cost approaching $ 300.

It should be noted that finding a product in the FCC database is not a sure guarantee of its release, but it is a good indication of the intentions of the manufacturers.

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