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Smartphones with 100 MP cameras? Qualcomm says they arrive this 2019


The war of megapixels has only just begun. If you already thought that the now consolidated trend in the smartphone world of housing 48 MP cameras was too much, wait to see those of 100 MP. Yes, you read it right. Qualcomm ensures that the 100 megapixel sensors will arrive by the end of this 2019.

Judd Heape, senior director of Product Management (camera, computer vision and video) of the American multinational, has revealed that some manufacturers are working to launch smartphones with 64 MP cameras and even more than 100 MP before the end of 2019. It seems that This will not only be the year of the folding smartphones but also of the huge sensors.

More megapixels do not mean higher quality, but the race to who offers more is increasingly disputed. The Honor View 20 was the first to reach the western market with a 48 MP sensor, but the Xiaomi Mi 9 , the Redmi Note 7 and the Redmi Note 7 Pro followed. And many more will surely come.

For Qualcomm this trend is not the one they like the most since, despite claiming that their processors are prepared to support sensors up to 192 MP, they think that sensors with less megapixels but larger pixels would be a better solution for a better final quality of the photos.

The new Snapdragon will allow you to record videos in HDR10 +

But not just megapixels spoke Judd Heape, as reflected in Mysmartprice. The San Diego-based chipsets manufacturer has also ensured that it is working on its own implementation of HDR10 + video recording for its new processor (which will probably be called Snapdragon 865, although it is not confirmed).

What do you think of this trend in the world of smartphones cameras? Do you think we will really see one with 100 MP?