Highlights Feature

Social media platforms are coming up with new and cool features every other day and this is great news for users. Even though you might be a fan of Instagram and not of Snapchat, the fact that Snapchat rolls out new features is still good because Instagram doesn’t have any other option than to replicate Snapchat’s new features in order to keep up. This is exactly what happened to Skype during this past couple of years.

Skype Keeps Improving

Initially, Skype used to be an app that people used to call their friends and family members. However, the developers of Skype kept on rolling out new updates that introduced cool features (Highlights Feature) in order to help Skype compete against the likes of WhatsApp, Discord and Hangouts.

Back to the Roots and Removes Highlights Feature

Even though Skype has flourished and it now offers a plethora of cool features, the developers have decided to go back to the roots. Microsoft is the company who is in charge of Skype and it announced that the developers are working on a new UI (user interface) that focuses on simplicity and usability.

Microsoft Statement

“As Skype functionality has expanded, so too has its complexity. As with any feature rich product, maintaining simplicity while enhancing functionality is critical to usability. This past year we explored some design changes and heard from customers that we over complicated some of our core scenarios” said the team responsible for Skype.

Skype v8.29

The latest version of Skype sports the 8.29 version number and it started rolling out today. The new version of Skype ships without the Highlights feature which worked similar to Snapchat’s Stories.

In addition, the bottom tab has now been simplified to feature only chats, calls and contacts options. From the looks of it, Microsoft is taking Skype in the right direction (Highlights Feature).