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Six Soft Skills IT Grads Must Consider Listing on Their CV


The Pakistani job market is tough. There remains a high demand for the IT jobs in Pakistan. Yet, still, a lot of IT graduates in Pakistan are not able to get the jobs they desire. Soft skills particularly come in handy when you look to progress higher up the management ranks. So, let us talk about some of the most critical skills that you need to include in your CV as an IT graduate to outsmart your competition.

6 Soft Skills IT Graduates Must Consider Listing on Their CV


Teamwork is super critical for the success of the IT graduates. However, when it comes to the IT grads, they are more interested in upping their technical skills. They want to become the best programmers and coders. Unfortunately, MNCs and other software houses in Pakistan increasingly want to hire graduates who can comfortably work in a team environment. Therefore, it is essential that you must learn to contribute and adjust in a team environment. It means dealing with every other team member professionally and enabling every one of them to succeed.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving becomes one of the most crucial aspects of the jobs relating to IT. The IT graduates are often working on some of the most complex business problems. They are tasked to come up with the best IT solutions which would help overcome those problems. Therefore, they need to have an analytical mindset that understands the problems and can come up with their solutions. Hence, you need to develop the ability to solve problems as soon as you confront them. Analytical abilities will help you analyze the situation at hand and come up with the best possible solutions.


Like architects, artists, and many other professionals, the IT industry converts people’s or should we say entrepreneurs’ dreams into realities. It may involve developing a simple or complex website. They may be asked to develop software or create high-end mobile applications. Whatever the task they are given, they need to fully understand the requirements. If they are not able to comprehend what is being asked, they cannot deliver it. Therefore, they need to develop empathy, the ability to understand what the client wants and also have the capacity to deliver it. Therefore, empathy is one of the most underrated skills as far as IT graduates are concerned. If you hire a professional CV writing service it will surely focus on the soft skills that would help you get shortlisted for further consideration.


The turnover rate in the IT industry is very high. The IT graduates also change jobs very frequently. Therefore, they keep on working in different kinds of organizations with various setups. Therefore, adaptability is at the core of the IT industry. They need to understand the organizational culture and adapt to it according to the situation. Therefore, it is essential that they have the flexibility to adjust to a different organizational culture without setting too many expectations when it comes to a company’s culture and working style.

Cross-Cultural Sensitivity

In the IT industry, you may have to work with people from different cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities, and moral values. Therefore, you must not try to influence your way of thinking and thrusting upon others your ways of doing things. You need to understand what the other person may think about something that you may say or communicate. Therefore, it is critical that you respect the other person’s background with a mixed bag of religion, beliefs, cultural values, and so many other things. Also, never be too quick to judge a person as you may not understand some person right away, so give them and yourself more time for understanding each other’s working style.

Eagerness to Learn More

In the IT industry, your biggest challenge is the continuous change. Something is changing somewhere within the IT industry almost every few months. If you have learned a programming language a couple of years ago, you may need to add your knowledge an IT course about a particular development or computer programming framework so that you remain competitive. Or, maybe you need to get additional training or do certifications. Whatever it may be, requires you to have a positive attitude towards learning new stuff, so that when it comes to value addition in yourself, you are comfortable with it every couple of years.

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