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SB-1 Defiant an extremely fast helicopter best alternative for Black Hawk


The UH-60 Black Hawk is, possibly, the most mythical helicopter of the armed forces of the United States, worse after 40 years in service, the pentagon is looking for the one that will be its replacement. One of the latest helicopter is the new SB-1 Defiant, which has already carried out its first test flight.

The Defiant SB-1, made its first flight on Friday, March 21. In general, it consists of two propellers positioned one on top of the other that rotate in the opposite direction, and an additional rotor on the rear part to obtain more thrust. In total 16 people will travel aboard the Defiant, including four crew members and a total of 12 passenger troops to be transported.

The new helicopter has been developed by Sikorsky-Boeing. Sikorsky Aircraft, in fact, are the same people in charge of the Black Hawk who could soon retire after decades of service. The Defiant can fly at a maximum of 250 knots, that is, about 460 kilometers per hour, which means it is about 160 kilometers per hour faster than the Black Hawk.

There are other candidates to replace the iconic Black Hawk, including a convertiplano called Bell V280 Valor. The search process will be long, given that the program is expected to find the most viable replacement in the mid-2020s, to enter service at the beginning of the next decade.