Review of’s mobile App- a premium quality grocery outlet

If we say all the businesses are trying their best to make sure they have an adequate online presence, and then it would not be an understatement. No business is considered successful if it doesn’t have means and ways to attract online audience. If some wants to run a premium quality online grocery store, they have to make sure that they are equipped to make that work for them.

Almost everything sells online now, be it the option to buy fresh fruits and vegetable, online grocery shopping or any other item of daily use. People look for their convenience while shopping for any of these things of daily household use. This is why, an online fruit and vegetable store, has taken an initiative to launch an app, after the successful launch of their website.

This app has some amazing features which are extremely user friendly and can actually bring quality with convenience in your life. So if you are looking to order some grocery online, don’t miss out on the chance to use this extremely easy app and order fruits, buy fresh vegetable and other important grocery items through

Connect with the app through social accounts

If you don’t want to get into the process of making an account on the app or simply don’t know how to make an account, this premium quality online grocery outlet has got your back.

It provides it users the option to sign into the app by using their social media accounts like Gmail and Facebook. All you have to do is select the option which would pop up on your screen after you open the app for the first time which lets you sign in using your social accounts. Your phone would collect all the necessary data from these social accounts without you facing any troubles to do so.

Select products from Homepage

You don’t have to open a million tabs to choose different items while shopping from mobile app. They can be added while you browse for them without leaving the homepage. Just click on “+” button to add a product and “-“to subtract it from your online shopping cart. This allows you to save time and leave the app without getting into much hustle.

Add/ subtract multiple products

This option is available to make your online shopping experience a bit pleasant, there are easy add and subtract options available on the app which lets you put and take out products from your cart and see the total sum of money you have to pay. As there are no delivery chargers, the amount shown to you is the true amount you would be charged with and consist of no additional taxes.

This premium quality online grocery store makes sure that you can clearly see the products you have placed in your cart and also allows you to set the amount in which you want them with easy “+” and “-“ signs available with each product.

1 click order placement wants you to buy fresh fruits, vegetable and other grocery items with extreme convenience and for that reason they have designed an app which lets you place an order with a single click. This means that when you open the app you just have to click once on the product and check out with your order. How easy is that!

This is to make online fruit shopping and grocery shopping easy for all the ladies of the house who are their target audience.

Add to wallet

This is another feature of this premium quality online grocery store which needs to be mentioned. According to this, if you have paid an amount of RS 560 for an order and your total order costs RS 555 than the remaining RS 5 would be added to your wallet. This remaining balance could be used in your future orders.

An option would be given to every shopper whether or not they want to keep balance in their online wallet. And if they choose to say yes it would be added to their accounts giving them the power to use it in any future order. This is a feature which makes this app extremely handy and gainful to use.

Rider tracker

Another interesting feature of this app is that it allows it users to track their order once it has been dispatched from the source. There is a city map available on this app which lets you see the exact location of the rider bringing your order to you and give you option to directly communicate with him in case of any delay.

This ensures the customers that their order would get to them in time and gives them the power to communicate with rider if they have any queries.

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