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3 Ways to Restore Deleted Contacts on iPhone and iPad


You may lose or delete contacts on your iPhone or iPad for a variety of reasons, including upgrading your iOS device, device malfunction, accidental deletion, factory settings, etc. The worst scenario is that there is no backup, but there are ways to restore deleted contacts either from the backup or in the absence of a backup:

  1. Restore deleted contacts from backup on iCloud.
  2. Restore deleted contacts from a backup of iTunes.
  3. If a backup of contacts is not available, you can use an application to restore lost data such as EaseUS or dr.fone

1. How to restore deleted contacts from a backup on iCloud

This is probably one of the simplest ways to recover deleted contacts from iPhone or iPad. Apple offers users the ability to install contacts, calendars, and reminders via iCloud, all you need is your Apple ID and password.

  • Go to iCloud.com and log in to your account using your Apple ID and password.
  • Press Settings

  • Scroll down to find an Advanced section.
  • Find and click the Restore Contacts option

  • A list of available backups will now be displayed in a pop-up window, marked with date, so choose the date that contains the deleted contact and click Restore.

  • You will be prompted to confirm do so by clicking Restore again, and after a while you will find all the deleted contacts back on your phone.

2. Restore contacts deleted from a backup of iTunes

This method is another convenient way to recover deleted contacts on your iPhone and iPad, but it comes with some drawbacks. This requires you to pre-backup your iPhone using iTunes Unlike iCloud, iTunes is not backed up to the cloud service, But on a hard drive for your Mac or PC.

So if you have a backup on iTunes, you can easily recover your contacts by following these steps:

  • Connect an iPhone phone to a computer that is synchronized with it using a USB cable
  • Open the iTunes application
  • Click on the Devices tab
  • Right-click an iPhone phone connected to the computer
  • Click the Restore from Backup option.

3. Use a third-party data recovery application

If you do not have a backup on iCloud or iTunes from your contacts you can use data recovery applications, and you can see the best lost file recovery programs for Apple iOS, iPhone and iPad devices.