android smartphone security

Most of us want to use our android smartphone in a weird fashion. It’s great if there is no lock on it. Just open easily But it is dangerous to do so. Many thieves and hackers are looking for such a device so that they can steal the financial and personal information of the common people. For example, hacking your email account increases the risk of leaking banking and other sensitive passwords. The way in which you can avoid many diseases with minor cleaning. In the same way, with the help of ‘Cyber ​​Hygiene’ in this digital era, one can avoid any major danger.

Protect Your Smartphone’s Data and Avoiding being Hacked

Lock your phone with a Password

Now you do not leave the door of your home open in your absence. There is something similar to using a password on the phone.

Using four digit password and activating the self-destruct feature together is a very safe way. In the self-destruct feature repeatedly entering incorrect password in your phone will completely disappear the smartphone’s data. Using a 6-digit password can make it difficult to estimate 100 times more difficulty. It can be made more difficult by using letter and character. This option is both on Android and iPhone.

Activate the iPhone’s self-destruct feature in the user’s settings by going to the Touch ID & password section. After entering the wrong password 10 times, the phone will automatically remove the entire data. Keep in mind that if you forget password or your child keeps on punching the number by mistake when playing, then the data will be deleted. There is also such a feature in Android.

Use of encryption

The good thing with the iPhone is that it runs encryption in the default. This means that the data stored on the phone can not be removed. Or it can not be read on another computer. Unless the phone is unblocked, the information taken from the phone is scattered and not readable.

In Android you have to activate it in Settings. Google’s policy is to provide encryption. But only 2.3 Android devices in the market are running this version.

Set up the device finder

Find My iPhone is not just for finding your phone but not finding it. If your device disappears for some reason, then you will get the Lost mode. This will lock your phone’s screen with a password.

This app comes with iPhone, but you have to setup it before losing your phone. You can find the Find iPhone app in Extra Folder. No thief will be able to sell your phone due to the activation lock. For that, the phone would not be usable. It can not be activated again without knowing the apple id

If all these prescriptions fail, you can delete the phone’s data via your computer. However, doing so will lose all data.

The same option is not in the Android phone. But you can also use several third-party apps with Google’s Android Device Manager app.

Back up your phone

If you need to delete the phone’s data from the remote system in a compromising order, then keeping the backup of the phone will prove to be a good habit. By doing this, you will not lose a photo or any important data.

Keep in mind that you have to install Find My iPhone and Android Device Manager already. You will not be able to do anything after losing the phone.

Always update the Software

Software update always eliminates the shortcomings that can be exploited and tampered with by your device.

On the iPhone, the update of the apple is constantly available. However, on the Android system it is a bit screwy. Google Update releases for mobile manufacturer companies. After this, these companies decide on their convenience to the user. But be sure to install it whenever you ask for updates.