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Privacy update! Get the IoT App now on iOS and Android!


Have you ever wondered what those tiny devices are doing around you? Okay, if you find it, it’s an IoT tool that gathers you real-world information to help applications gather information from you. Good thing people have come up with this new IoT Assistant software from Carnegie Mellon Researchers.

What can it do

This app’s general idea is that when you’re close to an IoT device, you’ll just open the app and learn what it’s about, or what it can do? Finally, you can choose to take part or, more importantly, to opt out of the service to protect your privacy if you choose to do so. Easy Ok? Indeed it’s.

What prompted the app’s development

It began this week, and the patent is still pending. However, using both Android and Apple devices can take advantage of their unique feature, is free for everyone.

“Because of new laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), people need to be aware about what data is collected about them, and some decisions need to be made about these processes,” says Professor Norman Sadeh, a member of the CyLab faculty at the Carnegie Mellon Institute for Computer Science and lead researcher on the project

“We’ve built an infrastructure that enables IoT technology owners to comply with these laws, and an app that takes advantage of this infrastructure to empower people to find out and control data collected through these technologies.”

What’s really an IoT

The Internet of Things, or commonly known as IoT, is a network of devices that generally don’t need human interaction to enable them to work together. Connected via wireless connections such as wifi, or even through networks, it can easily store information about a number of things.

Why do I need to protect myself

If you don’t already know, there are already trillions of IoT devices around the world. Yes, for Billion, and no, it’s not a typo. This IoT collects data without your consent and is widely criticized, but companies are making their devices as unobtrusive as possible to allow it to blend naturally in the area where it was installed.

What’s IoT’s function anyway

Now when it comes to shaping IoT, it’s not all bad. It makes the world around us more responsive and smarter. It does this by connecting all these different devices and adding sensors which add, so to speak, a level of digital intelligence that would otherwise be stupid. Then allow them to communicate in real-time without any human assistance at all. Well done, IoT, you performed well.

Considering that the age of change is upon us, it is still important to be able to determine which parts of the progress you as a person want to be in. Get ready to see more IoT devices and thank this app’s developers for protecting the privacy you guard so closely.