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Polar Unveils Vantage V and Vantage M Smartwatches: Here’s What They Offer


Polar recently introduced its new Vantage series of fitness smartwatches, with prices ranging from $279 for the Vantage M to $499 for Vantage V. Borrowing its design from Garmin’s Vivoactive 3, the Vantage series dropped its bulky design for a sleek look with a 1.2-inch round display, circular cases, and three side buttons.

The more affordable Vantage M is designed for users who have active social lifestyle, as it carries three interchangeable bands that they can mix and match depending on the occasion. Vantage V, for its part, is for serious fitness buffs, as it carries few extra sensors and features that are absent in the Vantage M.

Polar Boasts Of Effective Heart Rate Monitor

Polar boasts that its Vantage V and Vantage M can effectively monitor heart rate with the help of its new Polar’s new Precision Prime optical heart rate monitoring, the company’s latest version of its pulse-capturing technology.

Polar’s new design is very different from other optical heart rate monitors. The watch has nine LED lights underneath and four bioimpedance sensors that resemble tiny watch batteries that effectively monitor heart rate.

Polar’s red and green wavelengths penetrates deeper into the users’ skin to better evaluate their blood flow, while the bioimpedance sensors measure their body tissue’s resistance to electrical flow. With these features, the Vantage smartwatches can provide more accurate heart rate readings and also provides all-day pulse tracking.

The Vantage V can provide users with 40 hours of battery time, even with the GPS and heart rate monitor on. The Vantage M will last for 30 hours of GPS and heart rate training, but it can last one week of regular use on a single charge.

Vantage V For More Serious Athletes

The Vantage V is ideal for serious athletes, as it carries several extra sensors compared to the Vantage M. One is the altitude sensor that can estimate running power, which can be now constantly monitored by serious runners. Before, runners have to strap sensors on their chests and wear foot pods to monitor their running power. With the Vantage V, runners won’t have to go through the hassle of carrying extra load in their bodies just for the sake of monitoring.

The Vantage M and the Vantage V can also receive smartphone alerts and track daily activity and sleep. Because the two models are waterproof, users can also track their swimming activity as well. Polar also updated its Training Load Pro, which measures workout intensity via heart rate measurements and personal information such as height and weight. However, both models don’t carry Polar’s “recovery mode,” which analyzes users’ previous workouts to determine how long they’ll need to recover.

Both watches are available for preorder starting today via Polar’s website. Shipping will start in October.