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PM Imran Khan launches Digital Pakistan campaign


Prime Minister Imran Khan launched on Thursday the Digital Pakistan campaign that aims to make lives of the people easier through e-governance and eliminate corruption from the country.

Addressing its launching ceremony in Islamabad, the prime minister said he should have done this earlier but his entire focus was at stabilising the economy first.

He said the country could not attract foreign investment as long as the rupee was not strengthened.

“Now all our attention will be focused at the Digital Pakistan project,” PM Khan said. “It will unleash the potential of our youth.”

He said the considerable population of youth in the country could be converted into the country’s strength through the Digital Pakistan project.

“Women can contribute to it, they can find jobs,” the prime minister said. “So this is a huge opportunity and we will take full advantage of it.”

He said the campaign would also help the government eliminate corruption and make lives of the people easier through its e-governance.

“When the people are connected with the government, it creates ease for them,” PM Khan said. “They do not have to form queues and you can get everything done on your mobile phone.”

Tania Aidrus, the head of Digital Pakistan project, thanked PM Khan for giving her the opportunity to contribute back to Pakistan.

“With everyone’s support we will in sha Allah make Digital Pakistan vision a reality,” she wrote on Twitter.

The Ministry of Information Technology presented the idea of the campaign after the prime minister tasked it in August.

The campaign aims to help the government through e-governance, digitize correspondence among state institutions and make lives of the people easier.

Besides providing job opportunities, it will also help eliminate corruption from the country.