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Once You Update to iOS 12: Change these Settings Immediately


The latest version of the iOS 12 is now available for use on all iPhones and Apple phones. The new version includes a suite of software that has more advanced security and privacy features. To take advantage of these programs to you these five settings that you must do on your devices and change them immediately in order to protect your device from piracy and penetration.

Turn on the restricted USB mode

This new, hard-to-find feature prevents any extensions from connecting to your device, including USB cables and headphones, when you lock your iPhone or iPad for more than an hour. This prevents both hackers and police from using the tools to bypass your passcode in the lock screen mode, thus getting your data.

To make this change go to Settings, then Touch ID and passcode, and type your passcode. Then scroll down and make sure that USB extensions are not allowed on the lock screen.

Turn on iOS automatic updates

Now, iOS 12 will update your device from behind the scenes, saving you time to stop working. Just make sure it’s turned on by going to Settings, then General, then updating the software, and turning on Automatic Updates.

Set a stronger passcode

It’s true that the proposed secret code is six digits, but did you know you can set a longer code? Eight digits, twelve, or more? To do this go to Settings, then Touch ID and passcode, and enter your passcode. Then go to Change password, and from the options, set a new numeric code.

Turn on 2-step authentication

The second factor is one of the best ways to keep your account secure. If someone stole your password, your phone will still need to be hacked into your account. For years, two-step documentation was cumbersome and cumbersome. Now, iOS 12 has a new feature that automatically fills in the code.

You may be asked to turn on two operators when setting up your phone. You can also go to Settings and click your name, then go to Password & Security, just click Turn on dual authentication and follow the instructions.

Change the reused passwords

The iOS 12 password manager has a new feature: checking passwords. If you find that you’ve used the same password on multiple sites, you’ll be warned to change these passwords. This prevents password reuse attacks, which hackers use to break into many sites and services.

For this go to settings, then passwords and accounts, then passwords for the website and application, and enter the passcode. You’ll see a small warning icon next to each account that recognizes a reused password.