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Obsbot Tail – The First Camera in the World Working on Artificial Intelligence of Automatic Photography


One of the most important artificial intelligence technologies announced at CES 2019 this year is Obsbot Tail, which is the world’s first artificial intelligence camera, can move on a 360-degree circular swivel to keep track of you without affecting performance or image quality.

The tracking system in this camera is not just a face tracking system, as it is in most smart phones, but it is a more advanced system. It uses an artificial intelligence algorithm that can recognize not only the faces but also the shape and position of the object, Obsbot Tail allows you to track and record 4K at up to 60 frames per second in a more complex environment.

OBSBOT hold by hand

Features and features of Obsbot Tail Camera:

The camera uses HiSilicon Hi3559A processor, which relies on artificial intelligence to classify multiple objects, identify features and handle high-performance imaging.

The camera comes with a 12 megapixel camera for still images with 4K video shooting capability and an optical zoom of up to 3.5 times. Once you capture your footage, you can seamlessly edit it with dozens of editing options and share it in just a few steps with the Obsbot studio application.

The camera is based on a 360-degree three-axis engine that supports “ExtraSmooth” technology that provides camera-free vibration movements, making this camera ideal for all activities that include movement such as sports activity or travel activities for video bloggers on YouTube. Mind a personal photographer that tracks your movement without the need for any interference or adjustment.

OBSBOT Tail Range

The camera’s tracking feature is based on AI Tracking, which allows accurate shooting of up to 40 meters, tracking anyone in low light conditions and hard corners. The new Shar-lock technology helps to recover lost targets quickly even under difficult shooting conditions such as jamming, Speed ​​of movement.

Obsbot Tail is the world’s first video camera to support hand-held control, with its Power Gesture technology capable of controlling the camera by hand gestures in a stable and precise manner in distances of 6 to 20 meters.

For example, the camera installs the image on you if your palm is placed in front of it, while the victory sign enables optical zoom, and the gesture control also works well in complex environments such as different shooting angles, multi-person background and low light conditions.

It also supports Eureka Moment, which selects great moments in photos and short videos while shooting based on your emotions and movements. Integrated video analytics will analyze video recording in real-time and recommend premium videos once you have finished shooting.

The camera comes with a 1850 mAh battery and is supposed to last for 180 minutes for a single charge.

Availability and price of Obsbot Tail Camera:

Remo has provided a pre-order Obsbot Tail camera at a price starting from $ 469 to $ 769 on the Kickstarter group financing site starting on January 15. The financing campaign will continue until the end of April, May 2019.