Now You can Charge Your Smartphone without Wires

When we mention a charge word, only the wires and the electrical socket will come to mind. Look for the charger and the nearest socket to charge our devices. Recently, wireless chargers have also started to appear, but on a very limited scale and for certain devices. In the literal sense of the word, because the phone must remain in contact with the billboard, which means not to use it throughout the charging period.

So, researchers at Disney Research used a method called QSCR, a method that allows all devices to charge from the same source, and you can use them while charging. They work on the same principle of access points for wireless Internet access.

The team experimented with a 16 × 16 meter room, with all its walls and ceilings in aluminum, and then filled with equipment and equipment that used wires or wires to operate, and then operated magnetic waves across the entire room. The result was: And also running fans and fans simultaneously without connecting to any electrical outlet.

How was this ?

Through the electric currents within the metal-containing equipment, they were able to generate regular magnetic fields to then move to and commonly follow the same resonance frequency.

Devices that operate with the same Hertzian frequency get power at any point of the room, while the opposite current is not affected.

It has been shown that this technique effectively sends 1.9 kW of power and thus is able to charge 320 smart devices.

Wireless charging of mobiles is on the way to your home

In the past, with great efforts no one came close to such an ideal experience, the last work was the charging platforms that did not allow the use of devices at the time of shipment, or even get away from the painting. Now it is very comfortable and very effective.

You may be asked: “How do you do that, especially as you need aluminum sheets in the entire room?” No, the researchers pointed out that you are not obliged to do so. Once you put a few plates, use a conductive coating, or install copper electrodes on the corners of the room, The result.

“We have had an experiment on this room size, but there is no reason not to change the scale from the size of the children’s playbox to a very large warehouse,” said researcher Alanson P. Sample .

Are you ready to charge your phone wirelessly in full sometime soon this year? And even continue to work on it while shipping it? What does it mean that it may not be emptied at all?