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Nokia and Qualcomm Complete Core Tests on the RF Network for the 5th Generation


Nokia and Qualcomm Technologies complete successfully test in the frequency spectrum 3.5 GHz and 28 GHz compatible with the global benchmark 3G BP new frequencies for the fifth generation network.

Using the Nokia Earscell Transmitter and trial models from Qualcomm Technologies mobile user devices.

In an effort to focus on the marketing of the fifth-generation technology based on the new RF spectrum, Nokia and Qualcomm Technologies are testing at the Nokia Excellence Center in Oulu, Finland, which provides the basis for field trials according to the new frequency specifications for the fifth generation network with operators in 2018.

The mobile operators of BT / EE, Deutsche Telekom, ELISA, KT, LGU, NTT DoCoMo, OpTos, SKT, Teleia and the Vodafone Group are committed to working together in testing and testing the fifth generation technology.

As a follow-up to Qualcomm Technologies and Nokia’s announcement in September 2017 of their intention to collaborate on the new frequency spectrum tests for the fifth generation network and their recent success, they continue to work together to lead the industry and to deploy the fifth-generation technology widely in 2019 on mobile devices And 3GP compliant infrastructure.

This will allow commercial networks to be launched in time for 2019, particularly in the United States, China, Japan, Korea and Europe.

“These tests by Nokia and Qualcomm Technologies are a key milestone on the road to access the fifth generation network and show how quickly we were able to implement the specifications of the 15 GBP standards released in December,” said Mark Rowan, head of mobile networks at Nokia. Using the Erskell transmission station, which has been sold to more than 100 of our customers, with the Qualcomm Technologies mobile user model, and today we can start wireless communication experiences with mobile operators using the fifth generation standards. ”

Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm Incorporated, said: “The end-to-end communication on the basis of the new WLAN 5G is an important step in the launch of the next generation VLAN and compatible mobile devices starting in 2019. We look forward to further cooperation in Field-standard field trials with Nokia and global mobile network operators with a view to commercialization. “