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New invention: Now the user will have full control of the data


Today, in this rapidly moving world, almost everyone is joining the Internet. The Internet has become an alternative but not the option of people around the world. Until you make friends, till you learn to cook food, till the food is cooked, till all the money is made from books, all the work is now being done on the Internet. But for some time the belief of people is rising from the internet. The reason for this is the news of the leak of Facebook, Whatsapp and websites in the past.

Tim Wenner-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, www., Said briefly that ‘I believe the Internet is all about. That is why I and my companions are always ready to defend it. The change we have tried to bring has brought the whole world together. But after achieving so much, today the internet has become an inequality and a tool of distribution, which some big and powerful organizations are running for their own benefit.

This is the reason that for the last few years Tim has been working on a project with some MIT researchers. The name of this project is kept jointly by Tim and his colleagues. It will be a new platform to use the internet. solid means social linked data. The models we are using today to run the Internet. In it, we have to give personal information to big companies. They allow us to run our website in return.

Tim said that he and his colleagues are working on the new platform model. Those model users will have complete control over their information. Although solid Web is built using the same, but it will give many options to its users. As for where your data will be stored, who will be able to see it. Users can share their data with anyone. But nobody can see the data without any of their will.

Tim also says that the coming of this model will cause fear of data leakage and creativity will increase on the internet. Tim believes the use of internet on solid is a different experience in itself. It is to see that the common man will be able to use this model.