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Mozilla wants to make Firefox manager iOS passwords


Mozilla’s non-profit organization has expanded its Test Pilot for Firefox, which is a way to test some of its experimental ideas for new browser features beyond the desktop browser to include mobile apps as well, launching Firefox Lockbox, The iOS operating system, as well as its Notes by Firefox , a note-taking application for the Android system. Both applications are linked to Firefox, hence their names, but we are not talking about browser add-ons, but stand-alone applications synced with Firefox for computers and mobile devices. Firefox Lockbox is a Firefox account for access to saved logins It is available in a few regions, including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

Firefox Lockbox lets you access usernames and passwords saved in Firefox, and can use them in user applications such as Twitter and Instagram, so you can use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock the app. If you’re a Firefox user Lockbox now lets you use your native password manager instead of a third-party app.

Mozilla is trying to fulfill its mission of privacy and security in mobile applications, and the non-profit organization uses 256-bit encryption to synchronize passwords. This is an important step for Mozilla, although its browser does not have a large market share in terms of browsers On iOS devices, but still want iOS users to continue sharing their ecosystem.

As for Notes by Firefox , its function is identical to its name. It is a note-taking app for the Android mobile operating system, which saves and synchronizes encrypted notes between your phone and the browser. If this sounds a bit common, Browser Notes launched in 2017 is a Test Pilot add-on.

Mozilla has now turned that extension into a standalone feedback application, somewhat similar to the Google Keep app, where the browser’s Notes app provides all the basic note-taking features that a user wants, although it provides basic functions, but is still not comparable to other applications Such as Microsoft Onenote or similar services.

The browser first appeared in the early 1900s as the fastest and best web design tool, but things changed dramatically after Google released its Chrome Web browser in 2008, a faster, safer, and more diverse browser.

Mozilla has recently clicking on the Reset Firefox button , and it seems that your browser has returned strongly, as Mozilla released a new version late last year, carried the name Firefox quantum the FireFox the Quantum , was designed this version to provide smoothness required speed, said Mozilla Firefox that Refurbished consumes less memory than its competitors, which means you can open many tabs while continuing to browse smoothly.

The new version also offers many features, including privacy tools, such as the built-in ad blocking feature and Facebook’s ability to monitor user activity across the web, features not found in most other major web browsers.