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Microsoft launches Chromium Edge for Mac, PC


Microsoft announced on Wednesday, January 15, the new version of its Chromium Edge Browser for its Windows operating systems and also for Mac.

The new browser, which is distinguished by being based on Chromium open-source, is available for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and macOS. The browser is free and can be downloaded from the Microsoft page.

Microsoft announced in 2018 this version of Edge, its browser that debuted alongside Windows 10 and in addition to being based on Chromium as the main novelty, it also reaches the Mac, an operating system in which it was not available.

Microsoft said two years ago that this new Microsoft Edge will be more compatible for all users and sites, thanks to adapting to Chromium. Microsoft said the adoption of Chromium bases will allow Edge to be compatible with a greater number of devices without neglecting Windows integration.

The new version of Edge can already be used and is in its stable version, although not all functions are enabled, for example, to synchronize history and extensions (both will arrive later this year).