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Make Money on Facebook! Facebook is purchasing user recordings for $5 to improve voice recognition

(Photo : Screenshot From Al Bayan Newspaper Facebook Page) Facebook Voice

As technology changes and how we use them change under our noses once again, Facebook is trying its best to keep up with this transformation by enhancing its voice search features. For now, due to the lack of data available, Facebook is still a bit behind on this feature— that’s why they pay up to $5 right user recordings!

Facebook transcribed messenger voice chats

Facebook transcribed messenger voice chats for its own production and voice search functionality enhancement. The data given is not yet sufficiently useful for practical changes to enhance the functions of Facebook better. While this may be an uncomfortable fact to tackle, Facebook has already moved past the stage to buy real recordings.

How to sell your recordings on Facebook

Facebook actually uses a different method to purchase recordings called “Pronunciations,” which is responsible for paying participants and collecting data. Besides this, users can also take a paid survey or two, which allows Facebook to collect data more quickly. This is a required development process, because Facebook plans to go even further with what they can obtain from users ‘ data they purchase.

The qualified users are made to say “hello app” along with a random friend’s first name in your friend’s list. This app works on a point system, and for you to gain 200 points, you’d have to do at least 10 of your mates. You’ll need to earn at least 1,000 points to get your $5, which means you only need to do five sets or 50 friends and you’re good to go!

Facebook needs your help, which is why they don’t mind investing. This is a nice way to spend your time, and even though you may not get as much as you want, if you do this a few times, you will earn enough in your free time. When you don’t do something too important, you can always do so passively, and this really allows for efficient use of downtimes.

Facebook stays on top of its competition

Apple and Google used to use your voice messages without you realizing that’s why Facebook is trying to improve AI transcription. Many channels become more accessible by the day, as voice recognition becomes even more commonplace. Facebook was right to invest its resources to improve its voice recognition system to make the future better.

Google allegedly pays some of its users to respond to surveys, which is why Google is no stranger to this method and could even follow the process of enhancing voice recognition in Facebook. Facebook leads in a new methodology of collecting voice recordings, which in the future would be of great benefit to them.