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Is it really good to whiten your teeth?


Brushing your teeth is one of the most basic acts for oral health care. However, there are those who, in search of the perfect smile, use specific products to obtain teeth of an unblemished white. A trend that is increasingly widespread thanks to the teeth whitening products that can be found on large surfaces. However, a new study has called into question its effectiveness.

And, researchers at the University of Stockton in New Jersey (United States) say that dental whiteners can damage the deeper layers of teeth. To be more exact, according to the study, the hydrogen peroxide contained in these products damages the collagen proteins of the dentine, the layer that lies beneath the enamel.

As they have made public in a statement , the authors of the investigation decided to focus on this aspect that had been overlooked in previous tests. Although they have already made this finding known, the study has not yet been published and they plan to present it at the annual meeting of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

After the news came to the front page, many people have begun to rethink their oral hygiene and the use of bleaches. However, there are professionals in the sector who have already questioned the study, denouncing that the results have not proven clinically relevant, that is, that it is not information that affects the health of average consumers.

Moreover, Dr. John Grbic, Director of the Division of Fundamental Sciences of the School of Dental Medicine of the University of Columbia states that it is safe to whiten teeth as long as you follow the instructions of the products in question. “One of the problems with bleachis that people have unrealistic expectations,” Grbic explains. “People often expect teeth as white as Hugh Jackman’s, and when that does not happen, consumers buy another kit and try again.”

And, despite the fact that dentists recommend having teeth whitening treatments in their offices, they do not reject the effectiveness of bleaching agents (gel, paste or sheaths) from home. That’s right, “as long as you follow all the instructions and use toothpaste with fluoride then that strengthens the teeth,” Grbic says.