iOS 11.4 Battery Drain Problem

iPhone and iPad owners have complained that since upgrading to iOS 11.4, their Apple devices have been suffering from a battery drain problem. iPhone battery problems are nothing new, with the issue resurfacing in iOS 11.4. Does downloading and installing the next version of the mobile operating system, iOS 11.4.1, fix it?

Complaints for iOS 11.4: Battery Draining Fast for iPhones and iPads

A growing number of iPhone and iPad owners have voiced their complaints on the official Apple support forums regarding a battery drain issue due to iOS 11.4.

According to one user, an iPhone 6 that was working perfectly started experiencing rapid battery drain after upgrading to iOS 11.4. iPhone 6 used to go a full day without needing to charge, but since installing iOS 11.4, the device’s battery only lasts half a day.

Another user pointed out that the iPhone’s Settings apps shows that the Personal Hotspot is using up almost 50 percent of the device’s battery life even when the user has never activated it.

One user said that when calling Apple, the offered options were either to wipe the iPhone and restore or to avail of the $29 iPhone battery replacement program.

The thread in the Apple support forums regarding the iOS 11.4 battery drain problem has reached 37 pages at the time of writing, filled with anecdotes of iPhones and iPads losing their charges quickly and owners trying to help others by providing tips on fixing the issue themselves.