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Instagram: How to create your Top Nine 2019


2019 is coming to an end and it is time to recount what we have done throughout the year including the photos we have shared each year.

Surely you saw that many users began to share a collage with the nine most successful photos (likes and comments) they had in their account throughout 2019 and you probably want to do the same. There are several Web pages and apps that analyze your profile in search of your content with more likes but there are two apps that we recommend for being free, simple and secure.

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Top Nine

If your phone is an iPhone, the best option is Best Nine, a free app available on the App Store. In the event that your cell phone is Android, we recommend Top Nine, available on Google Play and also free.

To start download one of these apps on your phone and access with your Instagram credentials. Grant him permission to have access to your account information and the app will start.

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The app will start searching through your publications and will automatically offer you a collage with your nine most successful photos. Finally, you can choose to save the photo in your reel or gallery or, share it directly on Instagram through the “share” option.

In the case of Best Nine, you can also download your collage with the most successful images from years before 2019, Top Nine for its part does not have this option.