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If You Want to Buy the Ideal Laptop: Here are the Tips


There is no doubt that confusion and confusion affects most people who want to buy a new laptop. With a variety of options and devices in the market, the user is confused and lost in the selection process, which sometimes leads to the selection of the device is appropriate to his aspirations and needs.

Before taking any step, think carefully before using a new laptop so as not to purchase an unsuitable model. It is best to choose models with a 15 or 17-inch screen when you want to use your laptop at home.

  • For a user who wants to use the laptop while on the go, the device should not weigh more than 1.5 kg and the screen size is 14 inches.
  • For home use, models for home use must have at least 8 GB of RAM and 1000 GB of internal memory with at least 2GB of graphics memory, if the user wants to use the laptop to enjoy games or edit images And videos.
  • For models on the go, the internal memory must not be less than 256 GB and preferably the type of SSDs, taking into account the operating time of the battery, and advised the German experts not less than 7.5 hours while playing games or videos.

The choice of the type of laptop, whether the Ultrabook or 360 degree convertible, convertible screen or tablet computer with removable keyboard, is due to personal preferences.

The latest advice is to rely on Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processors with USB-C, USB-3.0 and HDMI ports available, and the screen is best to work with 1920 x 1080 pixels or higher.