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How You can Ignore Annoying Friends on Instagram without their knowledge?


The problem of annoying friends will be found on all social platforms. The problem is that you want to ignore someone, but you do not want to do it directly, like banning them altogether. You do not want to know that you ignored them. So today, we’ll tell you how to ignore annoying friends on Instagram without their knowledge or send them a notice:

Ignore Annoying Friends on Instagram without their knowledge

Recently it announced a platform Instagram announced the launch of a new feature which ignore feature or stuffiness Mute to get rid of leaflets friends nagging in the news feed, and to control the posts you see on your homepage Instagram where lets you hide the posts of certain accounts of your friends from your home page without deleting these accounts Or cancel it, and with this feature you can make your homepage more personalized just for what you’re interested in.

This feature is available for both operating systems iPhone OS iOS and Android Android, but how you can activate and take advantage of them?

First: the way to ignore publications Mute Posts on the Instagram platform:

  • At the top of each publication you’ll see a three-point mark (…) that gives you several options, click on it
  • You’ll see several options, including Reporting, embedding, and Mute
  • Press the Mute option
  • Select either Ignore Mute Posts or Ignore Posts and Stories Mute Posts and Stories.


Note: You can also access these options via the same person file by clicking the three dots that appear in the far right corner of the user’s profile page.


Second: the way to ignore Instagram stories mute Instagram Stories:

To ignore Instagram stories created by friends, tap and hold the profile picture of the person

This shows the option to ignore the person and all those stories that you did not want to see in the first place.


Note: When you use the Mute ignore feature with an account, you will still be able to view the profile of the person who has been ignored, and receive notifications about the comments or posts that you have been referenced in. The accounts with which you use this feature will not be known and you can at any time Cancel it to republish these account shares on your Home page.