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How You can Enable the Block Suspicious Behaviors Feature in Windows 10?


Microsoft has enhanced security and privacy features in the release of its Windows 10 operating system by adding new and effective features that offer maximum user protection. These features include Device Guard, which protects your computer from malicious applications by verifying applications running on your computer, From the reliability and reliability of its source, and provided a Windows Hello feature that allows the user to lock his device through the face or fingerprint or iris.

The latest version of Windows 10 comes with an application called Windows Security formerly called ” Windows Defender Security Center ” to help users control security and privacy settings in an easy way.

From the Windows 10 Build 17704 you can activate a new option in Windows Security, the “Block suspicious behaviors” feature, which is designed to prevent malicious applications from damaging your personal files, as well as to protect you from malicious files that may reach your device by e-mail.

When this feature is activated, Windows 10 activates a variety of security rules that disable features that are normally used only by malicious software, helping to stop a number of attacks on your device such as:

  • Block executable “Executable” executable files that may reach your device through e-mail messages.
  • Prevent Office applications from creating child operations, creating executable content, or embedding code in other processes.
  • Block JavaScript or VBScript from starting downloaded executable content.
  • Block anonymous scripts.
  • Block unreliable operations running via a USB port.
  • Block the theft of credentials from the Windows system.
  • Block operations that originate from PSExec and WMI commands.

How can I activate the Block Suspicious Behaviors feature?

1. You must log on as administrator to turn on or turn off the Block Suspicious Behaviors security feature.

Windows Security options

2. Click the Virus & Threat Protection option, and then click the Manage Settings option under the Virus and Threat Settings section.

Virus & Threat Protection option

3. You will find Block Suspicious Behaviors, which you can activate by clicking on it.

Block Suspicious Behaviors

If this feature blocks any action you need to perform regularly within Windows 10, you can follow the same steps to turn it off.