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How to use Google Lens


Google announced at its annual Developers Conference that it released a new version of Google Lens and if you have one of the ten Android devices that get Google Lens within the original camera applications, you will be able to access the feature simply by going to the camera and see the icon in the bottom left.

Clicking on the icon will activate the Google Lens feature and you’ll be able to point your smartphone’s camera to different objects and locations to find out more about them. Google Lens also gets a real-time search tool that will analyze what your camera sees even before you click on the screen. Pixels through automated learning to provide more details as well as provide relevant search tags.

Devices that will get Google Lens

Initially, Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 have access to Google Lens , now as part of the latest software update, the feature comes to ten additional Android devices within the original camera applications.

So far Google has only revealed the manufacturers of those ten devices namely: LG, Motorola, Shawomi, TCL, Sony, Nokia, BQ, One Plus, Asus, Transcion.

What can Google Leans decide?

Google Lens can identify clothes, books, buildings, plants, animals, and artwork, and you’ll be able to find convenient shopping results for your clothes, book titles, and more about landmarks, details about paintings, and what kinds of animals or plants you can tell.

In addition, Lens will soon be able to play a music video if the camera is directed to a music label, and can also display movie times when outside the theater. With the new Smart Text Selection feature, contact information can be saved from a business card, From a publication or bulletin board.

There’s also an intersection between Google Lens and Maps this time, where enhanced imagery will be added to Street View and will help you navigate in real time.