How to use Android messages for the web

Finally, Google introduced the application of Android messages to the Internet, where users can send and receive text messages on their computers, and the functions are still in progress, but if they are in the messaging application here is how to prepare everything.

How to use Android messages for the web

Set messages as the default SMS app

If you want to be able to access your texts from the web using Android messages, first make sure you’re using messages on your phone, and if you have not already set them as your default messaging app, you should do so.


This step explains itself, but you will need to visit from your computer, and you should see a screen very similar to the image in the screenshot below.

Before moving on to the next step, if you plan to continue using messages for the web, you should switch to the option under the QR code directly, and doing so will sign you in on this computer, and make sure you do so only on devices that you own and you have access to.

Authenticate your account

Now open the messaging app on your Android smartphone and locate and click the three-point menu icon in the top-right corner of the app to open the “More options” menu, from there select “Messages for the web,” and open the camera And allow you to scan existing barcode after visiting Android messages on the web.

If everything works correctly, you should now not only see your text messages on your computer, but also send and receive SMS, just remember that if you close your web browser or switch to another computer, you’ll probably have to repeat these steps.

It is worth noting that Google has not yet sent Android messages to the entire Internet for all yet, but plans to provide them to everyone almost a week after its announcement.