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How to upgrade your Huawei phone to EMUI 10


Many of the phones launched by Huawei in 2018 and 2019 can be updated to its interface for Android EMUI 10, version that incorporates Android 10 and its services.

You can check here the complete list of Huawei phones that are updated to EMUI 10. Phones such as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro already incorporated this software, although because it was launched after the United States veto came into force, this cell phone, unlike all its predecessors, does not have Google services or applications.

If your phone is not on the list, there are some Huawei phones that may be of your interest and are available at a good price:

How to update a Huawei phone

The first thing you should know to get the EMUI 10 update is to confirm that you have the latest version of the Huawei interface, which is EMUI 9.1. If you do not have it, you must make all previous updates until you reach the most recent one.

To do this, on your Huawei phone you have two ways to update your cell phone.

Form 1: You must go on your phone to the Configuration application, and from there to System and Software Update. In this section, you will see what interface you currently have and you will be able to see the updates that you have pending. If you don’t see any, try refreshing several times or restarting your cell phone.

Form 2: Through the HiCare application, once you access you will have the possibility to see the “update” area and review the available versions.

EMUI 10 problems

The Huawei website in Spanish warns of some known bugs that could arise with the EMUI 10 update. Among them:

  • Some banking applications may not be compatible.
  • Messaging apps that don’t work with Android 10 would have problems in general.
  • Apps with twin function must be activated again.
  • PUBG Mobile requires a different screen configuration than HDR or the video game will make your panel flicker.
  • Samsung watches can be disconnected automatically after certain periods. The company says it will solve this problem in an upcoming version.
  • The 30x zoom and your finger pinch function may fail, so you will have to drag the camera zoom in a traditional way.