How to stream live on Facebook using a DSLR camera

Although webcams or smartphones are a popular option to create live broadcasts on Facebook, some people prefer to rely on DSLR cameras to do so.

These professional cameras provide high-quality video for live streaming, but need some special requirements that some people may not want to use for live streaming on Facebook.

So on this article we’ll learn how to do live streaming on Facebook using a DSLR camera.

What will You need?

First you’ll need a USB cable to connect your DSLR camera to your PC, plus a good Internet connection speed and a quick processor on your computer so you can encode your video fast enough.

You will also need to download a specialized program to create live broadcasts on your PC. The most popular of these programs is OBS as a free and open source program that offers strong advantages in this area, with paid options such as XSplit and Wirecast.

How to broadcast live (using OBS)

After downloading and installing the software on your PC and connecting the camera to the computer via a USB cable, run the program and press the plus sign under the Source tab and choose Game Capture.

Open the settings in OBS and go to Output from the side menu on the left and set the values ​​shown to you as follows:

  • Adjust the video bitrate value to 4000 maximum
  • Adjust the audio bitrate value to 128
  • Set the recording format to mp4 format

Now from the side menu of the settings select Video and set the values ​​shown to you as follows:

  • Adjust the output resolution to 1280 * 720
  • Set the Common FPS VALUES to 30 frames per second
  • Then go to your Facebook page and follow the following:

Go to Publishing Tools and then click Videos and then click on the + LIVE icon and from the window in front of you copy the Stream Key that you will find on the Separate Fields tab at the bottom of the window.

After finishing the previous steps, go back to the settings in OBS and choose Stream from the side menu and select Facebook live option in the Service drop-down menu. Also copy the Stream Key into the custom box within the settings.

Preview and broadcast processing

Go to OBS and click Start Streaming then go to Facebook page and click on the preview then customize the title, description and other settings as desired and then click Go Live.

What after the broadcast?

When you are ready to broadcast live through the previous steps you will need to control the camera during the broadcast and this also means relying on a special program for it.

Program digiCamControl is a free and useful options in this area, as users can rely on Canon cameras software EOS utility that offers functionality and extensive options to control the camera.