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How to Stop Websites from Using Your Computer in Digital Coin Mining


Some sites use the user’s computer to carry out the process of coin mining of various denominations. Digital Coin Mining is a way to earn additional income, while some sites have relied on mining to increase their financial revenues.

Some websites have given visitors the option to disable ads when they browse the site, in exchange for allowing the site to use the visitors’ CPU to perform mining.

Security companies have generally warned against using some sites for JavaScript files in a hidden way to carry out the mining process. These files may come in the form of malicious software installed on the user’s machine and can continue mining even after the browser is closed.

If you’re not sure your device is mining digital currencies, you can find out by reviewing a previous topic on currency mining. How do you know that your computer is working on digital currency mining without your knowledge?

Prevent currency mining

Permitting sites to perform currency mining is directly related to the user. In most cases, it is harmless, but the problem lies in the morality of using the user’s computer without his or her knowledge.

If you do not want to see ads on the site you are browsing, you can support content by allowing the site to perform mining only when you visit the site. However, mining can affect the performance and battery life of the computer as well as an increase in the electricity bill. When the sites decide to carry out the mining process without the knowledge of the user.

How to stop sites from mining using the computer’s CPU

Assuming that your computer does not have malware for currency mining, here are some ways to prevent mining during browsing.

Disable JavaScript on specific sites

If you have a doubt that a particular site is using your computer for currency mining you can simply block JavaScript completely, but you may encounter problems with some sites. For example, Facebook will not load if you block JavaScript.

Use some plugins to prevent the mining process

If you just want to prevent currency mining on your PC, you can use one of these extensions:

These additions work by including known ranges and mining scripts, are regularly updated and are among the best methods of practical disposal to prevent mining.

On the other hand, if you want to support a website by allowing it to perform mining, you can insert the site name whitelist in the extension.