How to Stop Google from Tapping You

Having a voice assistant like a Google helper on your phone is like having a friend always help you when you need it. However, this friend might have been snooping on you, and although there’s no way to check if your audio assistant is spying on you, you can still disable it Of tapping once and for all.

Although Google’s assistant is safely hidden behind the keyword “Ok Google,” it’s likely that he’ll listen to your conversations to see when to say magic words so he can help you. If you also want to know how to stop Google from secretly listening to you, All the ways that can help you.

Disable Ok Google

Google Now is now on every phone you see. Needless to say, Google’s assistant is also a big part of it, and you’re expected to say “Ok Google” to activate itself. However, it’s easier to disable than you think. Here’s how:

Go to Google Now and open the settings, and you can also do this from your Google Account settings, where you can select the sound first.

Here you’ll see lots of audio options, select the sound match and go to the next screen.
You’ll see an option called “Ok Google,” and a switch right next to it, turn off the key and your phone will no longer be in the spotlight for magic words.

Although the “Ok Google” keyword detection feature is turned off, this feature will continue to work with Google Maps, to turn it off, turn on the key, and the Stop command option.

Disable audio completely

While the first step concerns Google Now, but you can never be sure exactly where Google might have incorporated voice recognition, and to be really safe, just disable audio activity on Google. Here’s how you can turn it off:

Go to your Google Account settings, select Accounts and Privacy to continue, and then locate the Controls option in Google Activity.

Now your device will show you several options, choose Voice Activity and Settings.
You’ll see the option to pause all audio related activities in your account.

If you’re looking for a temporary solution, you can pause all activities for a while or choose to turn them off completely.