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How to start a hangout in Instagram


Now Instagram is going to launching group video chat feature, so just weeks after the launch of Apple video calls in FaceTime, and allowed Instagram new feature with the possibility of continuing to browse the platform while you’re chatting with three of your friends, thanks to the elegant setting of the image within the application The company announced on Tuesday that the new feature is now being offered for iOS and Android. The Instagram platform said that the group video chat feature was in operation on May 1, but was quickly overshadowed by a host of new features launched in June.

From now on, users can connect to their friends via video without having to use the phone number, according to a press release of the platform, unlike FaceTime, which targets Apple customers only.

How to start a hangout in Instagram

Just go to your live messages and select a series of messages with up to four people. The platform now offers a new camera icon located on the top left. Once you select it, your friend will be “called” and you can start chatting. Conversation “3 people other than you”.

A great feature of video chat is that you can see if there are other members of your group messages in a video call, because the camera icon will turn blue, and to join the group call, all you need to do is select the camera icon, or if you have to leave Before you want to end the conversation, just click the red phone button at the bottom of the screen. In addition, you can also “Ignore” people if you do not want to receive call notifications from them, to customize notifications, select the gear icon, then change the “Direct notifications” section “In the new video chat section.

Another great feature about Instagram’s video chat is that unlike VisTime, you can continue to chat group when you minimize the Home screen and do other things on the app, where you can still browse and send live messages and photos, and post them to your entire story while chatting.