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How to show hidden files in Windows 10


By default, Microsoft Windows 10 hides certain files from view when you explore them on your hard drive. This protects important files from being deleted so that the system isn’t damaged. If you’re the geeky type, you’ll want to be able to view all files all the time. Follow these steps to show hidden files.

If you’re searching for files and can’t find them, it may be because Windows 10 has decided to hide them. Windows can do this for a number of reasons, usually because its trying to be helpful, but making it harder to find that one thing you’re looking for probably isn’t what you want. Make sure you take a look at our top tips for using Windows 10.

How to show hidden files in Windows 10

Telling Windows 10 to show any hidden files thankfully isn’t too hard, with just a few clicks you can reveal those files and hopefully find what you’re looking for.

show hidden files in Windows 10

  1. Open up up the File Explorer in Windows 10
  2. From the tabs at the top select View and then at the top right go into Options.
  3. Select Change folder and search options.
  4. A new Window will open up. Within that, select the View tab at the top, then head into Advanced settings.
  5. Select Show hidden files, folders and drives.
  6. Hit Apply, then OK.

Any hidden files, folders or drives should now be available for you to search through.