shoot a video with slow motion

Slow motion is gaining popularity, no wonder, manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and Huawei are making improvements, offering more features and improving quality in smartphones.

What is slow motion?

The feature allows you slow motion to shoot video at a slower speed than normal. This feature can be used for many different purposes, such as highlighting something funny or beautiful or showing how fast and intricate something is done in detail. Many manufacturers offer this feature, The registration from one model to another, however, uses advanced 960 fps devices to register now.

Every manufacturer does things its own way so it’s hard to generalize on this technique. It’s important to remember that it may be difficult sometimes to start recording motion slow motion video in a timely fashion, especially since it is only a few seconds, Slow, and is converted to several seconds.

In other words, you have to be careful to capture video at the right moment, which may be difficult to reach, but Samsung has come up with a solution to this, allowing automatically detection when it is ideal to start capturing with slow motion.

How to capture video with slow motion

Surely things will be more complicated without automatic mode. The main difficulty is to capture the scene at the right moment, and in a situation where everything depends on spontaneity, the task is almost impossible unless you know exactly what will happen and when.

You can achieve good quality results if you know the scene and time you want to capture with slow motion, and you should make sure you are not too far or too close to your subject. It’s useless to get a good timing if your video theme is not visible, You have to practice several times so you can see if there is a gap between pressing the button and when the recording actually begins.

It’s also important to have good stability. If your hand is shaking, the video will not look good at any speed. Some smartphones are addressing this problem, but you should make sure your device is firmly in your hand to avoid vibration in the video.