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How to see who modified a Google Drive document

If it frustrates you not knowing who changed something in a document, now you know how to achieve it. Richard Theis / Getty

If something good has to work online, is that you can know who has modified each part of a document, here we show you how to do it.

Editing Google Drive documents online has become our daily bread. One of the most popular applications is Google Drive Documents, in particular, because it is free. If you use it frequently, then we will teach you in a simple way how to see who has modified the work you are doing with your team.

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The first thing you should do is open the Google Drive document that you are editing and that you have shared with more people. If you only want to see the changes you have made to yourself, you can do so by following these same steps. By the way, this tutorial also works for spreadsheets and Google presentations.

First go to the File menu, then to Version History, and then to View Version History. When you access this section the screen changes slightly to show you a new right sidebar, in which you can see all the modifications that have been made to the document and the date of the same.

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In this new window, you can see on the right side a bar with dates in which the document has been edited, and also see what each person has edited. Each user has a different color assigned by the application itself, in this way you can see who has made each change.

If you want to know exactly what the changes made to a document were, then you must click on the arrow next to each date, which will display the most precise change control, so you know who made each modification, and what was modified.