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How to Reduce Eye Stress While Using A Computer


Many people are required to work on computers for many hours as their employment and then after going home they entertain themselves with tablets, laptops or televisions. Because of which most people complain about tired eyes and headaches.

Reduce Eye Stress While Using A Computer

This is the method by which your body tells you that now your eyes need rest, so stop ignoring these signs and if you can not go away from the brightness of the screen then reduce the tone of the eyes Try these methods for:

Improve your seating

According to the American Occupational Safety and Health Association, your seating method may also be the reason for your eyes getting exhausted. Before working on the computer for your problem, check that your seating posture is right or not. In many cases, the display is either above or below the eye level, which is a wrong posture.

If you twist your neck to look at the screen wrongly, then you are suppressing your eyes in that way. You can use laptop stand or books to bring the screen at eye level. After doing this, you can try a few more apps that will help reduce the tone of your eyes.


The 20-20-20 rule is quite effective for reducing eye tension. Simply put, after 20 minutes of viewing on the screen, look for an object at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Keeping track of those twenty-minute breaks is not easy, especially when you are in the middle of work, you can try a safe web app for it called Protect Your Vision. Here we are explaining how to use it:

  1. Open your Protect Your Vision Website> Click 20-20-20> Select your break schedule from the drop-down menu. You can go with 20-20-20 or 60-5 (every hour a five-minute break) or custom (where you can choose between the interval between each brake period and break).
  2. Once your break schedule is selected, click the black button labeled “Request permission and test notification”> Allow this session (Firefox) or Show (Chrome)> Start PYV. The website requires desktop notifications because in this way it reminds you to take a break. Supports Desktop Notifications on Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
  3. Now a timer will appear, which will show you the time until your next break. You can disable the sound notifications by clicking the Volume icon next to the timer. Once you see a notification, click it and then click on “Start Break”. Now your screen will be black for the duration of the break. Now you should see a point at least 20 feet away.
  4. Alternatively, you can click on the Start Eyes Gymnastics on your screen and this app shows you the exercises (eyes up and down etc.) for some eyes so that you can quickly reduce the stress of the eyes using Can.
  5. Protect Your Vision is a good app, but if you want something that automatically disrupts your screen every 20 minutes, then try a timeout or a fadetop on Windows, on the Mac, on any button to start the brake No need to click.

Cut blue light

According to the Vision Council, one of the largest groups of manufacturers and suppliers in the optical industry, Digital Blue Light is one of the reasons for eye fatigue. To make your monitor eye-friendly, you can tweak different options to reduce eye tension by going into settings.

The first thing you should do is to set the brightness and contrast of your screen to a comfortable level. If you do not have too much natural light in your workplace, then you can give your eyes some necessary relief from your screen Reduce the blue light. You can do this manually by changing your display settings, but this is not for everyone.

F.lux is also an option

  1. Download F.lux and install it on your computer.
  2. Once it is installed, a window will open, where F.lux will try to determine your location. If this can not happen, type Settings> Change> the name of your city> click “OK” All you have to do is to do this. Now F.lux will take care of you.
  3. F.lux runs in the background and adjusts your monitor’s display settings to reflect the time of day. This may sound strange to you, but soon you will be addicted to it. It runs in the system tray, so when you are doing color-sensitive work for a particular app, like image editing on your monitor etc., you can disable it for one hour by right-clicking on its icon . If you are watching movies, there is also a movie mode which looks better in colors.


Although the solution described above is sufficient for most situations but apart from this you can buy an anti-glare screen coating to reduce the stress on your eyes. If you are using a mirrored screen device, then more light In front of you can be difficult to see on your screen. Anti-glare filters are useful in these situations. It takes some time to attach to your screen but it is a one-time problem. Good quality anti-glare coatings are available from 1,000 to 2,000 rupees.

If you can not use any of these options, then we recommend that you meet an eye specialist and take anti-glare glass from there. Some brands also make glasses, which are considered particularly helpful for “computer vision syndrome”. These suggestions should help you reduce the tone of eyes. If you have any other tips or if you like our suggestions, please let us know through comments.