How to protect your electronic devices inside the car from heating

With the arrival of the summer and the rise of temperatures to the limits of forty degrees Celsius or more in some countries, there are some cases where the damage of electronic devices sensitive by exposure to such a high temperature, which leads to the cessation of work and burning many times!

High temperature is one of the most influential reasons for the age of electronic devices especially if these devices are exposed to direct sunlight!

Here are five steps that will help you keep your electronic devices inside the car as they are the ones that are most exposed to high temperatures and hot sun during the summer.

  • Avoid leaving your phone in the car when it is parked, as high temperatures will prevent the battery from being charged.
  • Help the phone holder stand down the dashboard away from direct sunlight to work the ventilation holes well and also cool the phone by air conditioner.
  • To protect the charging cord, use the sun visor to keep the car as cool as possible.
  • As you charge your phone from the car battery, check for full battery maintenance.
  • Avoid leaving lighters on the side of the plastic, where it can cause damage to your electronic devices and your car when it is hot.