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How to Make Money Online with Legiit


When you build an online business, you will have to outsource some tasks quite commonly. We generally prefer to hire freelancers from micro-service or “gig” websites such as Legiit, Fiverr, SEOclerks, or Konker for small tasks. These platforms help us with the individual components of our SEO implementation process, enabling us to focus on strategy and business scaling. That said, not all of these platforms are created in the same way, and some are better for specific tasks. We’re providing you with our Legiit review in this article.

Make Money Online with Legiit

Legiit is a great place to sell your services because you don’t have a ton of competition. To get started, all you need to do is create a platform store and upload your services. Make sure your service is a specific task and not a general one such as “I will provide you with SEO services.” For example, the services that have a clear deliverable, like “I will create 200 citations”, for example, do better. If you have trouble getting your first few orders, we recommend that you advertise your services in some Facebook groups, but please make sure that the group will allow it before posting. Also, if you are currently selling your services on a different platform or on your own website, you can ask your current customers to buy from you on Legiit and leave a review for a discount.

Here are some services that we recommend when selling or shopping on Legiit:

  • Citations: This is a good gig for citations because they manually create them and fill them out more thoroughly than other gigs.
  • Press Releases: Great for boosting a site after it has built a little bit of authority.
  • Social Signals: This is a good gig for helping you build a trust foundation.
  • Guest posts: Guest posts are great for building power once you have already gained some trust and authority with Google. Without overdoing it, we recommend using partial match keyword anchor text for an added boost.
  • PBN Links: This is a high quality PBN gig that has boosted our rankings. We typically don’t use PBNs on tier 1, but rather use them to boost parasite rankings, like those of Medium articles, or to put on tier 2.
  • GMB Verifications: This is one of the only services we could find that offers GMB verifications using postcards. Most of the other services we have come across use other methods that may not be as secure.
  • Link Foundation: We have used this gig many times over the years and it has consistently helped rank our sites higher. We recommend using it to help gain authority for any new website you build.
  • Content writing: Consistently decent content writing services at a reasonable price are hard to come by. These guys offer that in our opinion.

How to Promote Offers

You can promote the Legiit offerings by ranking blog posts like this, creating YouTube videos, sending links to your email list or group on Facebook, suggesting services in Facebook groups (when people ask for them), running paid traffic to them, and more.

It is really quite simple to promote SEO services and overall, low competition if you select the right keywords.

Affiliate Program

You can also Make Money Online with Legiit via its affiliate program. Legiit offers a 15% affiliate commission on the services promoted. While the platform’s average ticket isn’t that high, the commission is usually much higher than, for example, the 4% to 8% that Amazon offers through its affiliate program. Also, the platform is a relatively trusted name in the SEO niche, so you have a good chance of getting a conversion if you cookie people and send them over.

If you’re starting to make money with SEO, whether from the perspective of a buyer, seller, or affiliate, Legiit is a great platform to use, especially now in its infancy, while the competition is still relatively low.

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