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How to Make and Take Phone Calls Directly on Your Windows 10 PC


It can be extremely annoying to have to pick up your phone to answer (or decline) a call when working on your laptop. You can now make and take phone calls directly on your Windows 10 PC thanks to Microsoft’s Your Phone application.

Previously only available on Samsung Galaxy handsets, the Your Phone app’s newest update is now being rolled out to all Android phones. At the Samsung Unpacked case, the update was initially announced in August and was officially launched in October.

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The application was initially rolled out with a number of smart accessibility features, such as allowing users to manage photos, view and send messages from their phones to their PC. Users can now be better connected with the call function and enjoy the following features:

  • Answer incoming phone calls on your PC.
  • Initiate phone calls from your PC using an in-app dialer or contact list.
  • Decline incoming phone calls on your PC with custom text or send directly to your phone’s voicemail.
  • Access your recent call history on your PC. Clicking on a specific call will auto-populate the number within the dialer screen.
  • Seamlessly transfer calls between your PC and phone.

To enjoy these features, you need an Android phone that’s 7.0 or higher and a Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth radio.

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How to Place and Receive Android Calls on Windows

Making and taking phone calls on your PC is fairly simple.

1. Install – First, you need to download the Your Phone app on your PC from the Microsoft Store and on your Android device from the Play Store.

2. Set up – Next, complete the setup by signing into your Microsoft account and linking your PC and phone devices.

3. Make or Receive a Call – To make a call, simply tap the Calls tab on the left pane and then search for contacts or use the dialer. To answer an incoming phone call, simply click the Answer or Decline button on the dialog box that will appear on your Windows 10 screen.

It’s also easy to manage your mobile photos and messages on your Windows 10 PC. To easily start viewing or sharing your files between your devices, just tap the images or message tabs on the left panel of the apps.

Microsoft is the newest company to enter the seamless bandwagon PC–phone handoff. Big players in the industry, such as Apple, Google, and Samsung, have previously introduced their own versions of a direct accessibility option for PCs.

Note: The update is gradually being carried out on 19H1 or newer PCs. It may take several days for your version of the Your Phone app to be available.