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How to know if you have read my WhatsApp message


Possibly one of the most used and important applications today. Who does not know WhatsApp? A very interesting and useful app about all the things with which you can stay connected in an agile way with all your acquaintances.

With WhatsApp, you can send from text messages, audio or multimedia files to all the people you have scheduled on your mobile device and who use the application.

Although one of the big doubts that many people have is How to know if they have read my WhatsApp message? Today you will see just this below.

How can I confirm if they read my WhatsApp messages

A while back it was not possible to know if the other person had read the message you sent him. However, now it is possible to know thanks to one of the latest updates that have come out.

What you should do is enter the chat where you want to know if they have read your message. After this, you have to be clear about what each of the checks that appear means, since many people have certain doubts about it.

  • When you send a message and a single check appears. It means that it was sent to WhatsApp servers, but the recipient did not receive it. This can be due to several reasons: perhaps you do not have the internet, the phone is turned off, etc.
  • If two check appear, it means that the person has received the message. Here comes a confusion that is quite normal in many people, they believe that with two checks said person saw the message and does not mean that. When you have two checks it means that you received it, not that you have read it.
  • Here comes the interesting thing and is that if the message has a double blue check then it means that the recipient saw the message.

So here what you can do is the following: if you have an Android phone, simply press and hold the message for a few seconds and at the top you will see an icon with the “¡” symbol, press on it and you will see when it was delivered and read.

In the event that you have an iPhone what you have to do is simply swipe the screen to the left, leaving your finger on the message to access said information.

WhatsApp message tick

How to know if they read my WhatsApp message

What you should take into account with the double blue check is that it does not always appear since this function can be disabled. In case the other person has this function deactivated, the two blue checks will not appear and the gray ones will simply appear, which means that the message was sent.

Therefore, there is no other way to know if that person saw our message. The only alternative you have in case of an emergency is to send several messages and see if it appears online in its state. When it appears online it is surely because it opens the application to see your messages.