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How to Increase Battery Life of Your Power Bank


The additional batteries known as the Power Bank are a key element and an important tool for everyone who uses his phone throughout the day and during travel and travel.

But many people do not know that these batteries have a particular life and charging method that is different from ordinary phone batteries. If they do not work properly, they will damage the battery and thus affect the battery of your mobile phone.

Here, we are providing some tips and guidelines to maintain the capacity of additional batteries “Power Bank”, and keep the ideal situation for as long as possible. The extra charge of the battery should be kept at 30 to 70 percent, the magazine said.

If the battery is less than 30%, the battery should be charged for a longer period and enough, instead of charging for short periods only, in addition to fully discharging the battery charge once. Month, before fully recharged, to keep the charging electronics.

The Power Bank Extra battery may not exceed 40 ° C, or extreme cold, below -10 ° C.

At the end of charging, the plug must be disconnected from the power supply. The charging cable should not be connected to the power source, and the quality of the batteries must be kept in mind when purchasing a new Power Bank, as the high quality models protect the device and battery from damage.