How to download Windows 10 Update April 10, 2018 Manually

The Microsoft sends updated Windows 10 April 10, 2018 gradually to users, because they do not want to catch servers and explode with millions of Windows users who download at one update, users will be able to download the update on April 30, with more updates in the following week, and fortunately, There is a way to cut the font and install the Windows Update April 10, 2018 manually.

How to download Windows 10 Update April 10, 2018 Manually

Before you install manually, it is best to check to make sure that your computer does not already download it, you may already have the necessary files, but Windows 10 works courteously, and waits until after your working hours to restart your computer and install the update.

To check if the update is ready to install, go to Settings and go to Security and Update. Then go to Windows updates and check if the update is available. If not, you can quickly check by clicking the Check for Updates button. .

To download the update manually, go to the Microsoft software download page, download the ISO files for the Windows 10 Update April 10, 2018, run the file to open Windows 10 Update Assistant, and follow the instructions to complete the installation process, which is relatively fast and simple.