How to Disable Lock Screen in Windows 10

Greets lock screen system Windows 10 with a stunning display when the computer is turned on , but it does not serve any security purpose, it is likely that you stopped the appreciation of the grandeur of the scene a long time ago, and for us, the lock screen is just the inconvenience should press it before you get to the login screen The actual contents of your computer are secured and secured, and fortunately there is a way to disable the lock screen on Windows 10 if you want to make a quick change to the registry.

Here’s how to tell Windows to drop the lock screen and send it directly to the logon screen when you start your computer.

  1. Find regedit and run the command.
  2. Double-click to expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in the left pane.
  3. Double-click to expand SOFTWARE.
  4. Double-click to expand Policies.
  5. Double-click to expand Microsoft.
  6. Now, do not double-click but right-click Windows.
  7. Click New, and then click Key.
  8. Rename the new key # 1 that you just created as personalization and press Enter.
  9. In the Customize folder, right-click in the left pane of Registry Editor, select New, and then select a 32-bit DWORD value. You will see a new pop-up item in the right pane of Registry Editor, titled New Value # 1, rename it as NoLockScreen and press Enter.
  10. Double-click NoLockScreen to open its value data under Value data, change the value from 0 to 1, and click OK.
  11. Exit Registry Editor and restart your computer.

Now you will bypass the lock screen and go directly to the login screen where you will need to enter your password or PIN to log in to your computer, and you can still take a peek at the screen lock screen behind the login prompt.