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How to clear your Netflix history


Did you anticipate an episode in the Netflix series that you are watching with your partner? Yes, that is a sin in the 21st century. Luckily, there is a way to prevent your partner or friend from realizing that you are watching series or movies without them.

Netflix shared in its social networks a simple but useful trick: how to hide your viewing history too, thus, hide the last episode you saw and so, when you re-enter the Netflix catalog, that episode or movie will appear as if never You would have seen her. All happy and happy.

How to hide your viewing history on Netflix

To hide your history, follow these steps:

1. Enter Netflix.com from the account you use regularly and from which you want to make the omissions.

2. Click Account (this section is in the upper right corner of the screen).

3. In My profile section, click View activity.

NetFlix Activity

4. Now you’ll see everything you’ve seen on Netflix … and yet I want to say EVERYTHING.

5. When you watch the episode or movie you want to delete, go to the forbidden icon on the far right of the content name.

delete netflix history

6. Click on that icon to remove the evidence of your misdeeds.

delete netflix queue

7. And ready. Saved by Netflix.

Keep in mind that deleting this content will not only be omitted from your viewing history. Netflix will not use it to recommend other series or similar movies that you might like. The latter will be your karma to get ahead of you and try to hide it.