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How to Choose the Right Gun Holster for You


For men carrying a gun like the police, choosing the right holster to carry and conceal your gun is critical. While concealing it, you should still be able to access your gun easily if needed. In addition, a holster also protects your gun from outside elements. Lastly, your holster will keep your body comfortable while carrying a gun next to your body.

Different Types of Holster

  • Outside waistband holster – if you want to conceal your gun, you can use this holster but make sure to wear additional outer clothing like a jacker or a vest
  • Inside waistband holster – this concealed holster is recommended to plainclothes federal agents
  • Appendix carry holster – this concealed holster offers easy access but is uncomfortable when sitting or bending
  • Ankle holster – this concealed holster is for small firearms only
  • Shoulder holster – if you love wearing a jacket, you can conceal your shoulder holster where you can easily access your gun if needed
  • Concealed thigh holster – this holster is good for carrying your gun while at the same time carrying other gears with your hand

What to Consider When Choosing a Holster?

The first thing to consider when choosing a holster is the fit. Does it fit your gun and your usual clothes? You should also consider your position and if you can draw your gun with it. Can you easily draw your gun while in a sitting position? What if someone grabbed your strong arm, can you draw your gun with your other hand?

In addition, find a holster that will give you access to your gun in as fast as possible. Avoid holsters with buttons or thumb snaps. A push button holster might be good but if you can avoid it, avoid it as well.

The good thing about holsters is that there are different types and designs that you can choose from. If you are looking for a concealed thigh holster, you can also find it in different design and size. Before ordering one, it is best to try it first and see if you can easily do the following – conceal and access your gun with your chosen holster.