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How to Backup and Recover WhatsApp Messages Using Google Drive


Maybe using the WhatsApp application for work or to stay in touch with friends all day long, in either case you will have some messages and multimedia files on the app, and it will be hard to lose them all of a sudden. So it’s a good idea to backup your messages, photos, and videos, and we’ll give you ways today to back up your conversations, get the task done, and restore with Google Drive, which will include the following:

1. How to back up WhatsApp conversations and transfer them from your Android phone to your iPhone

If you plan to switch from using an Android phone to an iPhone phone and want to transfer WhatsApp messages, you should know that when you create a backup of Watasab on your Android phone, it can be stored on Google Drive. The WhatsApp application uses the Android operating system Google Drive to create, save and restore backups, while the WhatsApp application uses the iOS operating system iCloud iCloud to make backups and restore them.

So if you want to switch from Android to iOS, you will not be able to transfer the backup version of Watasab files saved on Google Drive to your new iOS phone even if you have the Google Drive application for iOS, IOS can restore the saved backup to iCloud only.

2. How to back up WhatsApp talks on Google Drive

WhatsApp automatically backs up and saves your messages to your phone’s memory every day. However, depending on your settings, you can also back up your conversations on Google Drive. If you have to delete WhatsApp from your phone or switch your Android phone to another phone you can easily restore your conversations, just make sure to back up your data before removing the application. Here’s how to back up using Google Drive:

  • Open the Application and Account
  • Click the menu icon at the top left of the screen> then tap Settings > Chats > then Backup Chat.

Backup and Recover WhatsApp Messages Using Google Drive

  • Click Back up in Google Drive and select the time period option you want the backup to replicate.
  • Choose the Google Account you want to back up, if you do not have a Google Account ..
  • Click Add Account to add an account that is not in the list or to create a new account.
  • Press Backup by connection type to choose the type of network you want to use either the WiFi network or through the cellular network.
  • Click the box next to “Embed videos” to make a backup copy of videos attached to messages.
  • Click “Back Up” to manually back up your phone now.

Backup and Recover WhatsApp Messages Using Google Drive

Now that your conversations have been backed up, you’ll be able to restore them each time you reinstall WhatsAppab regardless of your device. Note that when backing up Google Drive, WhatsApp also supports the internal memory of your phone, which means it will consume some space. If you have a pre-installed administration application or an application such as ES File Explorer, you will be able to access and allow space if you need to.

3. How to restore WhatsApp conversations from backup in Google Drive

  • Launch the Application and Account
  • After checking your number in WhatsApp you will be asked to recover your messages and multimedia files from Google Drive Click Restore .
  • After the restore process finishes, click Next and your conversations will appear after the configuration is complete.
  • After restoring your conversations, WhatsApp will start restoring the media files.

Backup and Recover WhatsApp Messages Using Google Drive

4. How to transfer WhatsApp messages to a new phone using Google Drive

  • Add the same Google Account you used to back up your old phone to your new phone.
  • Install an app and install on your new device.
  • Run WhatsApp, and then press the OK and Continue option.
  • Check your phone number associated with the WhatsApp app.
  • Press “Restore” to retrieve the WhatsApp conversations from backup in Google Drive.

Backup and Recover WhatsApp Messages Using Google Drive